Abstract: In the fast-growing field of software development and even more fast growing sector of game development the future is hard to predict. I am working with this game as my project and as a part of my degree I choose this type of work for doing better with development cycle, development period, graphics, scripting, adopting new technology, animation, etc.
In general, this software project is focusing on the creation of the a 2D game. So measure a Success can be measured by taking a look at the resulting software. In a game development project, the product is a game. But and here comes the point: A game is much more than just it is software. In this we are trying to provide content to become enjoyable. This is important part of game effect on the project as a whole. The part of the software project is not the only one, and it must be considered in connection to all other part s: The environment of the game, the story, characters, game
plays, the artwork and so on

Keywords: movig car ,SPEED ,GUI

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.105128

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