Abstract-In this paper, a rectangular multi–band frequency patch antenna with a seven-band operation, design is proposed. The antenna resonates at 1.836, 2.815, 3.497, 4.751, 6.313, 6.8852 and 10.306 GHz, with a maximum bandwidth of 8.09% (3.433-3.716GHz), and a minimum return loss of-40.463dB (4.751GHz). In this proposed antenna, FR-4 material is used for substrate with a 4.3 dielectric constant and 1.6 mm thickness. The return loss can be improved by using square slots on the ground. This antenna is designed and simulated in the CST microwave studio. The design is simple and provides a good return loss with considerable bandwidth. The proposed antenna may be used for different applications in the L, S, C and X bands of wireless communications.

Key Words — FR-4, DGS, CST, microstrip, multiband, square slot, gadget.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10423

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