Abstract- Automatic Vehicle Speed Control System is designed to control the speed of the automobile in precise zones to keep away from the accidents inside the low velocity areas. In this system the low pace sector is considered to be the one hundred meter earlier to the site visitors signal. The case take a look at and implementation is primarily based on the light automobile velocity control, while the vehicle is strolling with full pace and receives entered into the low speed zone the velocity of it will likely be mechanically reduced to the allowed speed in low speed zone. The microcontroller will interface with the sensors to discover the velocity of car and based totally on this input the controller will take suitable action and generate a control sign for the vehicle control system which then will prompt the mechanism of the Speed manage in the car and the speed of the vehicle is decreased to the desired pace in that zone.

Keywords: Microcontroller;Zigbee ; Weight Sensor ; 1x4 Keypad ; Lcd Display ; Motor Drive; Gps Application;Ldr Sensor;Relay

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11725

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