Abstract: In recent era, vehicles have an eminent role in the modern society. Umpteen researchers using VANET domain for vehicles making possible dynamic path scheduling in the current decade. VANET comprises V2V include only transmission between vehicle to another vehicle and the data is transmitted with the help of On Board Unit (OBU). An On-board Unit is an equipment that exist in vehicle and aids in distribution of information with Road Side Units or with additional On Board Units. In addition to V2I, the communication takes place between vehicles and Road Side Units (RSU) and RSU act as infrastructures. VANET protocol delivers data packets to vehicles in a short span of time. A vehicle in VANET is taken into account to be an intelligent mobile node capable of communicating with its neighbours and alternative vehicles within the network. The main purpose to utilize this active area of improving safe driving, traffic optimization, coupling and some other services. It plays an important role in intelligent transportation system.  To perform better in large scale environment the clustering is proposed. In clustering the mobile node is grouped within range and one mobile node is elected as cluster head which is responsible for transmission in cluster. The proposed Technique work on dynamic cluster development in which the node within area are combined together and group of node is designed called cluster. In cluster formation process the energy, speed and range of each node is calculated using weighted control matrices is called Composite Value (CV). On the basis of CV cluster head selection process is done and cluster is formed. In this technique Cluster Head (CH) and Conceded Cluster Head (CCH) are selected with the highest value of CV. It rescue the overall network channel and protect the routing path from link breakage. This technique outperforms the previous technique in the sense of packet delivery factor, delay and throughput.

Keywords: Composite value, Cluster, Cluster head, VANET

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.794

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