Abstract: To increase the worth of software products, every Software organization wants to develop high-quality software. Quality of software means satisfaction of stakeholders (end-user, developer, organization).The quality of software depends on the attributes such as functionality, usability, reliability, testability, etc. Software quality models later on abbreviated as SQM help software organizations, software developers, software quality researchers, and managers to decide which software quality attributes should be incorporated while developing the software. SQM are used for the prediction of software quality. Software quality is the central concept of software quality engineering. To achieve software quality assurance, we need to develop a high-quality software product. Software reliability plays a key role in software where time is a critical factor like in satellite launching, aerospace engineering, health care system, etc. If a software error occurs, the mission will fail. After the study of various SQM, we have studied, tabulated, and depicted software quality attributes in the form of bar graphs and tables. For the development of any new SQM, a literature review is essential.

Keywords: SQ (Software quality), SQM (software quality models), QF (quality factor), Software quality assurance, CBSD (component-based software development).

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11115

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