ABSTRACT - As of now-a-days, a huge segment of people like to use web to send data beginning with one spot then onto the following across the world. The fast advancement of internet came to fruition into a critical interest in moving the information secured and careful. In any case the information can be hacked while sending data over the web. And the first substance that is available in this advanced world can be effortlessly replicated and shown. Also, to beat this kind of issue copyright security is required. To move the data to the customer at objective without any modifications and replication, there are various techniques open like Cryptography, Watermark, Steganography of the privileged information has been a test when the huge measure of information is traded on the web. Steganography is an instrument for concealing data inside a picture. It is the craftsmanship and study of concealing a mysterious message in a cover media like picture, text, signals or sounds so that nobody, with the exception of the expected beneficiary knows the presence of the information. Watermark is a message which is installed into advanced substance (sound, video, pictures or text) that can be recognized or removed later. Such messages generally convey copyright data of the substance. This innovation implants into the information an unperceivable advanced code, in particular the watermark, conveying data about the copyright status of the work to be secured. We have attempted to clarify the intergration of Steganogarphy and Watermark although this paper is just a literature review of both.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10451

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