Abstract: Transport Inventory System (TIS) is a digital solution that facilitates the management of all transportation activities from beginning to end for any organization. This system will help automate the transport operation and allow managing all the various tasks and activity. This Transport Inventory based system provides web application stores all the vehicle and job-related information in a dynamic format, making it easy for users to access data with just a single click. One of the core features of this application is the Tender system, which enables transporters to view open tenders and quote for them. The system also provides details of approved tenders, including tender amount, dispatch date, and payment dates for future reference. The Transport Inventory System (TIS) helps streamline transportation activities, eliminating the need for maintaining registers and enabling quick access to indent reports. This system comprises four main components, including indenter, transporter, super admin, and admin, with specific responsibilities related to managing transportation activities. The Transport Inventory System (TIS) simplifies the transportation process and increases productivity, making it an essential tool for managing transportation activities in any organization. This Transport Inventory System (TIS) will help the users in improving their planning and scheduling of transportation. In addition indent feeling and reducing their time and energy, and making their working process more efficient.

Keywords: Transport Inventory System, transportation activities, web application,  tender system,  productivity, transparency.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125218

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