Abstract:Now days the usage of Internet and online marketing has become very popular. Millions of products and services are available in online marketing that generate huge amount of information. Social media sites can have a major influence in expanding the span of this kind of story. Fake news is a news created to intentionally misguide or mislead readers. Fake news is spread mainly for gaining political or financial incentives. There has been a large surge of fake news in recent times due to the immense use of social media and online news media. It has become much easier to spread fake news then how it used to be earlier. This kind of fake news when spread may have a severe effect. Hence it is extremely essential that certain measures should be taken in order to reduce or distinguish between real and fake news. This paper presents a survey on fake news detection based on various supervised, unsupervised and semi supervised data mining and machine learning techniques.

Keywords:Machine Learning, Fake News, supervised, unsupervised and semi supervised

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9917

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