Abstract: Traffic accidents are one amongst the leading causes of fatalities in most of the countries. a vital indicator of survival rates when AN accident is that the time between the accident and once emergency medical personnel are sent to the scene. Additional the quantity of vehicles, additional is chance of accidents. The govt. has undertaken variety of initiatives and lots of awareness programs however accident rate remains high. This project is concerning creating cars additional intelligent and interactive which can advise or resist user beneath unacceptable conditions. This technique provides vital data of real time things to the closest station house and hospital to bring the machine to the spot to rescue the passengers or owner himself. Driver fatigue ensuing from sleep deprivation or sleep disorders is a vital considers the increasing variety of accidents on today's roads. The most elements of the system encompass variety of sensors like optocoupler, alcohol, ultrasonic, MEMS, GSM and a software package interface with GPS and Google Maps Apis for location. This installed framework demands for crisis administrations at whatever point the vehicle met with mishap, and system avoids unneeded emergency requests just in case of safe condition of passengers at that state of affairs.

Keywords: ARM7,GSM,GPS,MEMS etc.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.7610

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