Abstract: Plant pathology is the area of agricultural science that focuses on the investigation of plant diseases brought on by pathogens like nematodes, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Plant disease identification is essential for efficient management and control since it allows for prompt action and stops crops from suffering additional harm. Growing technological sophistication and a better understanding of the interactions between plants and pathogens have led to major improvements in plant pathology and diagnosis methods in recent years. The objective of the plant pathology and diagnosis project is to develop and implement innovative techniques and tools for accurate and efficient detection, diagnosis, and management of plant diseases. The project's goal is to increase our capacity to recognize and lessen the effects of plant diseases on agricultural systems, which will help to improve crop health, production, and sustainability. Scope of the project is that it tries to address issues with newly emerging diseases, resistance to traditional control measures, and the influence of environmental variables on the onset of disease.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12699

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