Abstract: Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the emerging technologies in the world in every fields. Mainly emerging in the security fields. These technologies are promising to improve convivence and comfort of the user by securing the data and resolving the problems like cyber-attacks, communication security, big data security, cloud based, social media, finance, IOT and weapon detection. Many companies promote their product using social media and e-commerce platform. These platforms provide more opportunities for companies to attract customers. Trusting these platforms many customers started purchasing products from them. At that same instant many fake accounts have been created by replicating the organization names. By making online payments through these sites the customers are getting charged for the product they never placed. In this paper, discussion is classified into two parts. First part describes about the security using the AI-ML technologies and algorithms and also a review of AL-ML based security systems and methods, in the second part it describes about online fraud detection by training classification model using ML technology.

Keywords: Cyber-attacks, big data security, IOT, Cloud based, AI-ML

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12137

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