Abstract: Timely monitoring and quick diagnosis of ECG rhythm can save many lives. Wearable health monitoring technology is an emerging technology for frequently recording the physical parameters of the patient. This signal is widely adopted to access and diagnose major as well as minor cardiac diseases and health risks. In many fields, to make the user’s life more comfortable Internet of Things (IOT) devices are also used. Smart sensors devices are used to collect heartbeat which is used to monitor the condition of the patient. Communicating the information to the doctor and giving the exact diagnosis to the patient through the IOT is a challenging task. This paper gives a comparative study on health monitoring and detection of the patient. ECG monitoring system in the form of mobile, wireless and remote technologies are reviewed in this paper. Further objective of this paper is to identify the research gaps in existing systems and finalise the research statement for further work.

Keywords: Wireless ECG monitoring system, Wearable monitoring system, we-health care, tele-health care, android health monitoring system, expert ECG systems.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8420

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