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Abstract: In the last decade, the clinical reasoning in physical therapy has been to develop smart and automated systems for physiotherapists to make clinical decisions rapidly and efficiently in response to the complex upcoming needs of health and rehabilitation units. The major problem addressed in this review paper is about antalgic and ataxic gait population. The common problem faced by both subjects is improper body weight balance during walking. This imbalance causes them an additional pain in their shoulders and joints, which may lead to serious suffocation. So designing an automated smart walker with balance management system, fall management system and light assistance system can prevent their unnecessary pain and correct their gait pattern too.  Along with this walker therapy, Dynamic EMG will be acquired from the subject and transmitted to the concern physiotherapist. Based on the therapy environment, Bluetooth setup is used to transmit the EMG data from patient to the therapist for continuous and periodic assessment of muscle re-education.

Keywords: Physiotherapy, antalgic gait, ataxic gait, walker and EMG

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.91114

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