Abstract: Today mobile devices are used often by everybody, as well as the farmers and country folks. per observations of knowledge and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) mobile plays very important role in everyday life of farmers. The farmers, WHO were smitten by clouds for rain, currently are wanting into the Cloud Computing (CC) for his or her solutions towards cultivation of superior crops in today’s trendy agricultural world. The normal ways utilized by the farmers, peculiarly in Asian nation, are terribly slow and undependable.

The big quantity of crop is obtaining harm within the field because of the microorganism attacks and lack of knowledge resources. Annually, such loss exceeds four-hundredth in total. So, the paper conferred here recommend numerous ways that during which a farmer will utilize Mobile Computing(MC) on their handsets victimization application referred to as “Kissan”, to help them for comparatively higher cultivation and merchandise. the most awareness of this work is concentrated on Indian farmers because it addresses the key issues of obtaining the market updates of various product, weather updates and knowledge concerning the rain and additionally provides multiple language support. this may effectively facilitate farmers to sell their product in international market and earn exceptional profit.

Hence, this framework uses MHz, that in impact, puts power into a farmer’s hand. The experimental setup uses tools like humanoid SDK. during this analysis Associate in Nursing humanoid primarily based mobile devices are used for testing.

Keywords: Information and Communication Technologies, Humanoid SDK, Cloud Computing, Kissan.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.111133

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