Abstract: The goal of this project is to create an accident prevention system for hilly regions to alert and prevent accidents by making use of the Arduino Uno as the primary design component. The current leading cause of death in developing nations is vehicle accident. Some of the world's dangerous routes include mountainous and winding. Every year more than 1.5% increase in road accident and it is approximately more than 6 lakh road accidents in India, for every one minute one road accident and for every 4 minutes one death due to road accident. India is losing very huge youth as the maximum death age group are from 16 to 30 years European countries. There will be curvy, narrow roads in the mountainous areas. The person driving most of the times cannot see the vehicle approaching from other side in such circumstances also the opposite side may lead to a cliff. Each year, thousands of lives are lost as a result of this issue.

Keywords: Curve roads, Accident Prevention, GPS and GSM Module, Arduino UNO and Nano

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.124192

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