Abstract: We make an investigation of dehazing effect of image and video which is affected by bad weather conditions. A video captured in outdoor scenes affects by presence of haze like fog, mist and dust particles in the atmosphere. We are utilizing a Dehazing algorithm to remove this unwanted haze from videos and Real-time video. For this we uses a Novel method of video dehazing based on contrast enhancement. From our observation it is conclude that hazy image and video has low contrast, so we restore the hazy image and video by enhancing its contrast. This algorithm computes the airlight on an input hazy image and video then we estimates the transmission map to maximize the contrast of output video and image. We establish a better Dehazing performance with fewer artifacts and better coding efficiency and demonstrate that the proposed algorithm can remove haze efficiently and recover the parameters of original scene.

Keywords: Real-time video dehazing, image dehazing, restoration, contrast enhancement, airlight estimation, transmission map,gamma correction.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8219

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