Abstract: In the proposed system our main aim is to detect the pot holes and automatic levelling of the detected pot holes. When we go back in history, we get to know that India has grown tremendously, due which many numbers of accidents are taking, place which in turn is affecting both people and vehicle. Potholes have become a major reason for road accidents and loss of human lives . According to the survey reports of “ Road Accidents in India “ , almost 1,42,485 people have lost their lives due to this pothole leading to road accidents in 2011 . Nearly 1.5 per cent or nearly 2,200 fatalities are caused due to poor condition of roads . The problem is worth solving as it helps saving people’s lives and prevents road accidents, thereby helps in growth of the nation having pothole free roads. The ultrasonic sensor measures the depth of the potholes & the normal road and compares between them. Once vehicle detects the pothole, the levelling mechanism gets activated and it will level the pot holes with the normal road. The movement of the model can be controlled both manually and automatically by the user through the android application. This system provides the more accurate results and helps in avoiding the accidents.

Keywords: Arduino UNO, Ultra Sonic Sensors, Wi-fi Modules , H Bridge , DC Motors.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12241

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