Abstract: The field of cryptography deals with the procedure for conveying information securely. The goal is to allow the intended recipients of a message to receive the message properly while interrupt eavesdroppers from understanding the message. Cryptography includes a set of techniques for scrambling or disguising data so that it is available only to someone who can restore the data to its original form. In current computer systems, cryptography provides a strong, economical basis for keeping data classified and for verifying data indignity. The dynamite growth of the Internet has made an expanded familiarity with intrigue uncertainty issues. Even though security is the measure worries over the internet, numerous applications have been created and structured without considering fundamental destinations of data security that is confidentiality, authentication, and protection. Cryptography plays a huge role to ensuring confidentiality of the users credentials like passwords, IDs etc. Again security of any cryptosystem should be hardly breakable


PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125282

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