Abstract: IoT attempts to help people Internet-connected devices, applications, and services anytime and anywhere. However, how providing an efficient method of interaction between people and IoT devices is still an open challenge. The proposed interaction system called IoT Interaction, where users can control an IoT device by gazing at it and doing simple gestures. The system mainly consists of four categories such as object detection module , gaze estimation , hand gestures , IOT controller module . A selected device is identified by various deep learning-based gaze estimation and object detection techniques. Finally, hand gesture recognition is applied to generate an IoT device control command which is transmitted to the IoT platform. The method is used for Visually Challenged Peoples.

Keywords: Deep Learning, Gaze Estimation, IoT, Object Detection, Smart Interaction.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9510

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