Abstract: The population of our present world has raised tremendously which in turn leading to some new changes in the human kind. In accordance with the basic necessities, the comfort living of human life with the luxuries and life styles are also customized in such a way that, instead of using public transportation every individual want to have their own vehicle, which may result in heavy traffic and unnecessary accidents. By this the number of private vehicles increased a lot which resulted in more number of accidents and as well as pollution which is going to be a great loss to this environment. On the other hand there is no security for the vehicles as they are getting stolen by thieves easily. The accident discovery and its identification of exact location is the overall idea of the paper. This introduces accident alerting system which alerts the person who is driving the vehicle. If the person is not in a position to control the vehicle then the accident occurs. Once the accident occurs to the vehicle this system will send information to registered mobile number.

Keywords: Accident detection; Alert system;GSM Module;GPS Module; accelerometer; Android application.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9320

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