Abstract: In this world of growing technology, Internet of Things and Data Science are the most trending technologies, either it is in business field or in a commercial field its features makes these technologies more popular and more useful. In our project we have implemented a Smart Home Automation System using Internet of Things (IOT) Technology which includes two types of modules working on various sensors. Internet of Thing is technique which offers interrelationship via the internet of computing devices surrounded in ordinary objects, permitting them to transmit and receive data. In this project, first module is of automatic fan speed controlling in which we are controlling    speed of fan automatically according to current room temperature. In the same manner, we are automatically adjusting  light brightness according to the brightness present in the atmosphere which is the second module of our project. These modules have various components which include sensors too, which generates data values after timely interval. We are doing data analysis on those data values by using web application. We have implemented live data tracking system using the web application. The resulting analysis reports will help us to understand the energy consume by the modules. Also it is useful for efficiently manage electricity. The modules present in the project makes it more impressive and provide standardization in this advance era of technology.

Keywords: Internet of Things, LED, DC Fan, Automation, sensors, web application, Data Analysis.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8228

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