Abstract: E- waste economy has been rapidly increasing across the world. A number of countries around the globe have already seen advancements in science and technology, which has resulted in the expansion of many economies. India is no unique. Speedy data processing, better corporate processes, and shortened turnarounds and distance hurdles, in addition to a higher standard of living are among the direct perks of these huge advances are A greater level of happiness is apparent in terms of convenience and simplicity, and the percentage at which day-to-day duties can be completed Digital devices, such as Laptops and smart phones have transformed the way individuals work. The devices are providing time and adaptability, letting us to remain connected throughout the day. These devices act as a link between the physical and the digital worlds. There are innumerable facilities available. Electronic gizmos have profoundly affected all of our daily lives and are considered as a symbol of luxury and deluxe. These phones are beneficial not only for career growth but also for individual growth. There aren't any major findings. Only a computer adept society could be born, advancements in areas like the medical field stretches beyond these aspects. The overview of various life-saving equipment is laying the foundation for a more happy and healthy existence. The underpinnings for Indian automated industry development began in the 1960s, when the country's space agency was being scheduled. Electronics was primarily utilized at the time. being employed to improve communications networks and complement defensive system in the nation's capabilities However, it starts early for this to get through.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12374

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