Abstract: The entire economy of the country is working towards achieving the goal of sustainability by adopting green and sustainable practices. Each sector of the economy is contributing in its own way in order to achieve the aforementioned goal including business industries.

Corporates are working toward incorporating green and sustainable practices in each of their processes and departments in order to achieve organizational sustainability and maintain their goodwill in the market. One of the departments or processes in corporate that has included these green practices is the Human Resource Management department as human resource plays a key role in achieving organizational sustainability.

This paper will highlight the importance of the concept of Green Human Resources in achieving organizational sustainability. This paper is a conceptual paper and the data required was collected through secondary sources only i.e., by the way of Review of Literature and by the opinions of the authors.

Keywords: Human Resource, Green Human Resource Management, Organizational Sustainability

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.124118

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