Abstract: Rabies is an illness that may spread from animals to people and is brought on by a virus. The rabies virus invades the mammalian nervous system. When biting or scratching someone, a rabid animal will mostly spread the disease through its saliva. The classical rabies virus still causes human rabies, which is nearly always deadly and for which no particular therapy is available anywhere in the world. To prevent dogs from getting infected with Rabies, When the dog is three months old, it receives its initial anti-rabies shot. The dog should visit the veterinarian annually for a booster shot.
In this study, we discuss how microchip technology may be utilized to capture data on Bangalore's immunized street dogs and save it in our application's database, "VACCIDOG." The data on our application will assist offer an overview of street dogs that have had vaccinations. It will also cross-verify the vaccination information of a specific dog from a certain street with the aid of the distinctive ID supplied by the microchip.
This paper is a conceptual paper and the data required was collected through secondary sources only i.e., by the way of Review of Literature and by the opinions of the authors.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12470

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