Abstract: The Internet of Things paradigm envisions the pervasive interconnection and cooperation of smart things over the current and future Internet infrastructure. The Internet of Things is, thus, the evolution of the Internet to cover the real-world, enabling many new services that will improve people’s everyday lives, spawn new businesses and make buildings, cities and transport smarter. Improper device updates, lack of efficient and robust security protocols, user unawareness, and active device monitoring are among the challenges that IoT is facing. Due to the pervasiveness of always connected devices, large amounts of heterogeneous data are continuously being collected. Beyond the benefits that accrue for the users, there are private and sensitive information that is exposed. Therefore, Privacy-Preserving Mechanisms (PPMs) are crucial to protect users' privacy. In this paper, we explore the background of IoT systems and security measures, and identify (a) different security and privacy issues, (b) approaches used to secure the components of IoT-based environments and systems, (c) existing security solutions, and (d) the best privacy models necessary and suitable for different layers of IoT driven applications.

Keywords: IoT, Data security, Data Privacy.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10926

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