Abstract:As data sharing has become one of the most popular services offered by cloud storage, designing public auditing mechanisms for integrity of shared data become more important. Two problems which arise In shared data auditing include preserving users identity and collusion resistant revocation of users. To ensure the security of data sharing within group and outsourced data in group manner are formable challenges. The key protocols have played a very important role in secure and efficient group in cloud computing. To solve this problem, Symmetric balanced incomplete block design (SBIBD) are used for key Security and un-authorized user can’t access the Data from different group. SBIBD is used the general formula for generating the common conferences key K for multiple Participants. General formula (v,K+1,1) block design is used to data are stored. As Result of storing datafrom dynamic group and Data are divided Block and System Performances are a better as compared to Exiting Scheme with help of algorithm Blows fish and DES and Encryption used as fully Homomorphism encryption.

Keywords: Cloud storage auditing, cloud storage, outsourcing computing, key update, encryption.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.105134

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