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Abstract: Plagiarism is defined as representing someone else words, thoughts, knowledge, methods, programs etc in our own name. Plagiarism has a wider meaning by paraphrasing someone else text by replacing some data or method in our way is also a plagiarism. It also violates the rule if you don’t mention someone author name when you are copying their data in your own way of representation. The detection techniques are applied by differentiating between variety of languages such as natural and programming language. From the existence of the previous approaches like plagiarism detection technique  and SCAM analysis from the document stream. A further solution to find plagiarism in the given input data, and textual data is required. Here we are using QAP based Function minimization approach. This technique can be used to find document from the stream. Further QAP could enhance the required minimization function.

Keywords: Plagiarism, QAP, LCS, SCAM, Plagiarism Detection Techniques

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.7818

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