Abstract: In recent times, health and wellness of the one has taken the centre stage and many programs have implemented in order to cater the lifestyle diseases, virus infections and many other health disorders. The disease fighting and improvement of oneself in the form of diet in order to develop immunity as well as prolong or cure the diseases are some of many areas that provides a scope for going in detailed analysis and research using Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on the data sets of different food formulations as well as patients’ history. It is proposed to study and research the data in the field of disease prediction and healthcare for prediction and early detection of celiac diseases (CD) by applying the artificial intelligence techniques.
Machine Learning (ML) is one of the AI techniques that find high relevance in the medicine and health care. CD, a rare malabsorption syndrome of childhood and was limited to individuals of European ancestry. However, it is now identified as a common condition that may be diagnosed at any age and affects many organ systems in around 1% of the population. Currently symptomatic cases are diagnosed by physicians; however, this is not being effective in asymptomatic cases and it may remain undiagnosed. AI Techniques including Machine Learning can help in overcoming the existing limitations of diagnosis of CD.
This review provides an overall peek of current practices and research outcomes of the application of the ML techniques in the healthcare and medical practices. It further describes ML techniques in CD prediction and its relevance is summarized.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, celiac disease, disease prediction, machine learning

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11346

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