Abstract: Secure search over encrypted remote data is crucial in cloud computing to ensure the data privacy and usability. To prevent unauthorized data access and usage, fine-grained access control is important in multi-user system. Whereas, authorized user may intentionally leak the secret key for financial benefit. So, tracing and revoking such malicious user who abuses secret key needs to be solved. The key escrow free mechanism can be used which will effectively prevent the Key Generation Centre (KGC) from unscrupulously searching and decrypting all encrypted files of users.  The decryption process involve here only requires ultra-lightweight computation, which is a desirable feature for energy-limited devices. If we figure out malicious user we can efficiently revoke that user. Again if we have, flexible multiple keywords subset search pattern, which will also not affect the order of search result.

Keywords: Authorized Searchable Encryption, Traceability, Multiple Keywords Subset Search

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.7106

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