radically modified the manner of expressing emotions, mood, enthusiasm etc. People typically use brief epigrammatic writings to communicate their reactions, envies and preferences via social media rather than to create large letters. Many websites like Twitter, Google Review, Just Dial, book my Show, etc. allow individuals to share and discuss thoughts, opinions and views in the form of a short text that can be used to make decisions about whether or not such service or product is good to other unknown people, customers and service users. This paper divides the entire process into two phases. In the first step intelligent data mining data will be abstracted; and in the second stage frameworks will be developed to focus on positive and negative opinions and to assist people decide on their issue using R-programming (i.e., on institute, services, products, movies, tourist spot etc.). It contains graphs, images, and so forth in the visualization area. It can also incorporate a comparison parameter which will again be of great use to users and peoples.

Keywords: Co-extracting algorithm, co-extracting model, opinion targets, Opinion Relation Graph, opinion words, Topical Word Trigger Model.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10598

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