Abstract: In recent years, yoga has become part of life for many people across the world. Due to this there is the need of scientific analysis of y postures. It has been observed that pose detection techniques can be used to identify the postures and also to assist the people to perform yoga more accurately. Recognition of posture is a challenging task due to the lack availability of dataset and also to detect posture on real-time bases. To overcome this problem a large dataset has been created which contain at least 5500 images of five different yoga poses and used logistic regression Algorithm. 80% of the dataset has been used for training purpose and 20% of the dataset has been used for testing. This dataset is tested on different Machine learning classification models and achieves an accuracy of 99.04% by using a Random Forest Classifier.

Yoga is an ancient science and discipline originated in India 5000 years ago. It is used to bring harmony to both body and mind with the help of asana, meditation and various other breathing techniques it bring peace to the mind. Due to increase of stress in the modern lifestyle, yoga has become popular throughout the world. There are various ways through which one can learn yoga. Yoga can be learnt by attending classes at a yoga center or through home tutoring. It can also be self-learnt with the help of books and videos. Most people prefer self-learning but it is hard for them to find incorrect parts of their yoga poses by themselves. Using the system, the user can select the pose that he/she wishes to practice. He/she can then upload a photo of themselves doing the pose. The pose of the user is compared with the pose of the expert and difference in angles of various body joints is calculated. Based on this difference of angles feedback is provided to the user so that he/she can improve the pose.

Keywords: Yoga, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Classification, Pose, Self-Learning, logistic regression , Pose Classification.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11209

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