Abstract: Internet of things (IOT) is a worldwide system of “Smart Devices” which senses and connects with their surrounding and interacts with users. And other systems. Air pollution is one of the major concerns of our era all over the globe. The level of pollution is increasing day by day, and this is due to increase in amount of gases like carbon dioxide, smoke, alcohol, benzene, NH3 and NO2, some of the main causes for air pollution are increasing population , increased vehicle use, industrialization and urbanization these all factor ends up affecting wellbeing and health of population causing various harmful diseases
In order to analyses we are developing an IOT Based mobile pollution Monitoring System which we can take with us to different locations as it is able to move easily and will monitor the Air Quality over an internet server. Existing monitoring systems have inferior precision, low sensitivity, and need laboratory analysis. Therefore, improved monitoring systems are needed. To overcome the issues of existing systems, we have used machine learning and analyzing. It will show the accurate reading of air quality in PPM on the LCD and also as on webpage in order that we will monitor it very easily. In this IOT project, you can monitor the pollution level from anywhere using your computer or mobile device. The system uses MQ2, MQ135 and MQ7 sensor for monitoring Air Quality. It measures their amount exactly and finds out harmful gases.

Keywords: IOT, sensors, Population, Mobile, Smart Device, Pollution, Air Quality, Machine Learning, Monitoring, Arduino.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.101130

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