Abstract— The major problems still exist in Indian transportation system is the maintenance of roads. Well maintained roads contribute to the major portion of the country’s economic development. The Identification or detection of pavement anomalies such as potholes and humps can not only help the drivers to avoid meeting with accidents or vehicle damages, but also helps the municipal authorities for the correct maintenance of the roads. This work is an attempt to produce and implement an IOT based cost effective module to detect/identify the potholes and humps along the roads. Ultrasonic distance sensors are used for the identification of the potholes and humps and also to measure their depth and height, respectively. Sends the pothole location to the highway authority. The measured information’s are stored in Thingspeak.com an IOT open server for future analysis.

 Keywords—Pothole detection, Hump detection, Ultrasonic distance sensors, Thingspeak.com, IOT.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12578

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