Abstract: In the current trends every organization manages work and its data online. Even though e-Commerce website maintaining data online in a distributed form. Online approach is very useful to collaborate with consumer and seller without any dependency of place and time. Every consumer can select product with any brand without wait for a time and produce the order for purchasing. Most of purchasing the product is done by using the website that produce some navigational or access pattern. This access pattern is utilized to produce some access rules. The projected Constraint based Closed Sequential Pattern Mining by using Self-Organizing Map Clustering (CBCSPMSC)approach principal comprises specific profile and GRC constraints for filtration of data among the duration and occurrence of article gap. Now applying closed pattern method for underrates the number of rules generation and execution time. At last SOM clustering method is implemented so that each item belongs the cluster for partial database scan not whole data with fewer execution time.

Keywords: Compactness, Data Stream, Data Mining, Web Usage Mining ,Gap, Personalization , Closed Pattern, Sequential Pattern Mining, NN-SOM Clustering

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8302

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