Abstract: Every year the crime rate of children keeps on increasing rapidly. The safety of children is the topmost priority to their parents. Despite taking various measures regarding the children's safety, children fail to protect themselves in several endangering situations. Most likely, children who travel to school without the aid of their parents are exposed to danger. Previously, there have been several cases where children have been forgotten on the bus and eventually died due to suffocation. So in this survey, the main objective is to develop a system to acknowledge parents about the entry and exit of their children during their journey to and away from the school. To implement this monitoring system, RFID (Radio- frequency identification) and GSM (Global System for mobile communication) is used. The main unit of this system is the bus unit, which detects whether the child has entered or exited from the bus. This information will be recorded in the database maintained by the school using RFID technology. The database is further analyzed and communicated. The School unit finds which one of the children did not deboard or board the bus. Simultaneously, parents receive SMS about the entry/exit of their children from the bus

Keywords: RFID, System integration, Design in Engineering, Transportation Safety, Detection.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11670

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