Abstract: Forest is one of the very important and indispensable resources. The aim of this project is to style and implement an approach that would predict and observe the forest fires and send the precise location to involved officers which might facilitate firefighting personals to extinguish the fireplace within the location once it's in its initial stages using GSM. In this advancing world, it's crucial to protect our surroundings. This project implements a system for watching and menacing for the protection of trees against forest fires. Today IOT devices enable the observation of various environmental variables, like temperature, humidity, flame, smoke etc. Arduino based platform mostly IOT enabled fire detection and observation system that is the resolution to the current problem. This project we've designed fire detector system using Arduino interfacing using few sensors that is a smoke detector, a flame detector and a buzzer.

Keywords: Arduino, GSM module, IOT, Sensors, Solar energy.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11598

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