Abstract :The main aim of the mess is to provide clean and fresh food to the students/employees of the organization. In Today’s world the entire Mess Management and costing calculations are done manually till date. It is very time consuming & increases the chances of performing calculation mistakes. Thus, there arises a need to create software that will make the entire Mess Management an automated system. This software will be useful to any school/college hostel or in general to any institute maintaining a mess. The Mess Management System helps the user to access all the functionalities of the mess without having to visit the mess physically and to apply for leave. It enables the admin to view the inventory and access guest details. This application is free of cost for the users. Individuals who wish to use any functionality of the mess can simply log in to the app and have everything on their fingertips. It uses the internet to update all user queries and put it across to the admin. Using the information provided by all the users the admin can take decisions and the inventory for the mess can be managed. The aim of this android based mobile application project is to offer comprehensive information portal about hostel mess. In this system users can download the app on their Smartphone and then they can access the functions of the mess. They can apply for leave and check the menu. They can also access their account information.

Keywords :Mess Management, inventory,Information Portal.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10437

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