Abstract: An accident does not only result in the death of one person but it affects the life of several other people who   are related to the victim. The main reasons are late response from hospitals and driver’s carelessness. Thus we propose an effective model that can hopefully save lives. Our system will send messages that contain information like accident location to ensure no life is lost due to late response time. Thus in this paper we propose a system that focuses on this aspect of the problem and tries to solve it with help of IOT. IOT stands for Internet of Things which involves M2M (Machine to Machine Communication) with the help of sensors that make use of GSM and GPS technologies, vehicular & mobile applications we make sure that help reaches in time and lives are saved.  The implementation of an automatic road accident detection & information communication system in every vehicle is very crucial. save affected persons.

Keywords: M2M (Machine to Machine Communication), GSM and GPS technologies, IOT (Internet of Things).


PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9538

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