Abstract: Photonic technologies have changed the world of communications in the form of fiber optics, integrated optics, electro-optical components, and micro-photonics. They offer some compelling advantages compared with their traditional RF counterparts when considered for use in space applications. Thus, research and development of photonics technologies for the space, the applications in areas of communications, sensing, and signal processing has been a major them for several years. The use of the photonic technologies for the space applications has risen the problem related to ability of optoelectronic and optic components to withstand space environment as all optoelectronic and optic components come from the terrestrial applications. Thus, the development of photonic technologies for the space applications has made the selection and acceptance test criteria of all optoelectronic and optic components that are part of the photonic system imperative. This presents a summary of the experience to Alter Technology Group on the mechanical, thermal, radiation, and endurance testing of several photonics technologies. In addition, the paper describes an assessment relates to reliability of these parts to be usefull in the space applications.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12511

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