Abstract: Agriculture is the backbone of many developing nations and plays a major role in their economy. In our country, it accounts for 13.9% of Indian GDP and about 50% of the workforce. But the yield is poor because of backward traditional farming approach and techniques. If we adapt a new technology with olden farming practices, it will be possible to boost the overall yield and improve the condition of agriculture in our country. We decided to implement this project for agricultural survey by using a UAV to help farmers improve crop quality and increase their earnings. The agriculture farm is surveyed by an infrared camera which shows the difference between infected or diseased crops and matured crops, it can also show weeds or pests and to a certain extent monitor the soil moisture levels. The drone can be used spray pesticides or irrigate the crops. The innovative frame design will allow the drone to be transported safely and easily.

Keywords: UAV, APM, OpenCV, ESC, NDVI

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.71133

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