Abstract: Tourism is an integral a part of human life. We always search for changes and adopt them. Now-a-days the tourism industry features a great importance in capitalism and finance. Since 2000 the tourism industry has been giving the variety of advantages to countries worldwide. The amount of foreign tourists visiting India which has given exchange earnings to the Country. Here, we've focused on the expansion and performance of the Indian tourism industry. Nowadays, everything a traveller must do is out there on an internet site. Employing a website, travellers can plan where they need to travel, weigh budgets and make bookings and cancellations and compare options. Doing this involves reading copious amounts of descriptions, terms and conditions, instructions and user comments before arriving at decisions. The opposite option is to supply a chatbot that's a conversational app that reduces the quantity of interaction required by refining intent and context into the conversation.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, tourism

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10509

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