Abstract: Being confronted by ailments such as blindness, hearing loss, or deafness is becoming more common. Individuals have become increasingly dependent on comfort as a result of science and invention, yet there is a group of disadvantaged people working to develop an innovative way to make communication simpler for them. The Globe Health Organization estimates that there are roughly 285 million blind individuals, 300 million deaf people, and 1 million mute persons in the world. The primary forms of communication for individuals with disabilities are sign language and braille. Without a translation, it can be difficult for people with impairments to communicate with others. Because of this, implementing a technology that understands sign language would significantly and favourably affect the social lives of impaired individuals. In this research, we've put forth a visual, marker-free system to recognise Indian Sign Language as a portable communication tool for use with or among impaired individuals.

Keywords: Braille, Sign Language, BOF, SVM.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12233

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