Abstract The world of today is a digital one, where decisions are made online and the internet plays a significant role in both society and the economy. Naturally, the security of the internet, or more specifically, the security of the World Wide Web (www), is crucial and revolutionary. The internet is frequently open to attacks from potential hackers who attempt to infiltrate the system in question in order to illegally take advantage of the system's resources. These attacks, sometimes known as web attacks, are well-known in the computer community and are a major issue. Though there are several existing systems to counter the problem of attacks on the web, most of these systems have their own drawbacks, as in they do not provide classification on any other grounds except frequency, thus causing many web attacking http requests to fall out of the bracket. Our project's goal is to identify these web attacks from http requests based on a variety of characteristics and determine whether they qualify as web attacks or not. In order to add originality, we also intend to further categorise the attacks as HTML, JavaScript, or SQL attacks. Thus, the system resolves the issue of hidden web attacks via http requests, greatly enhancing the system's security.

Keywords: Supply World Wide Web (www), web attacks, web attacking http requests, HTML, JavaScript or SQL attacks.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.126119

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