Abstract: Any normal human being in distress or in emergency will try to contact necessary emergency and rescue services for help. Thus, mobile applications are developed due to the fact that it can help people who are in emergency cases. There is a need for mobile application to help people who are in emergency. When guardian presses the photo option, camera will be automatically enabled in the victim phone. This paper proposes an application which will work like an emergency pocket assistant to help people during the urgent situation. The idea for this application is easy and effective. The basic concept of this mobile application is, when the user fall into the emergency situation, all  they have to do is shake the smart phone above the threshold value vigorously then immediately a message alert is sent to the parent / nearest one.

Keywords: Android application, GPS, Google Maps, Threshold, Emergency Notification System



PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8814

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