Abstract: Our project mainly concentrates on mission clean India. one step toward swatch Bharat mission by our  Anuourable prime minister which  offering  an easy,reliable solution to  the common problem  of  inefficient  garbage disposal faced within Public place. At present, which also implies that the main users of our product would be public place. For this, we have decided to implement a remote control, fully automated, junk bin. Here, the process includes the garbage collector moving through a series path, while stopping at each to collect garbage. This is the main process of the system. When the garbage container becomes full, a signal is generated and container continues straight to its dumpsite, without stopping at any other junction. The dumping of garbage is automated as well. This project mainly focuses on the importance of the product within the current world, with respect to places such as offices, production plants, hotels and especially schools, and how it really influences and enhances the quality of human life, by reducing the wastage of time and money.

Keywords: Garbage, Bluetooth, Lifting Maschine, Foot-path

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8605

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