Abstract: In today’s world women are less secure. They face a lot of problems like sexual harassment, molestation, acid attack etc. Even though our government had implemented many laws for women's safety, they are not much effective during a dangerous situation. There are many safety devices for women that automatically detect the dangerous situation and send the alert message to the concerned authority with current location. Different systems use different type of sensors such as temperature sensor, flex sensor, an accelerometer to detect the abnormal condition. Some devices include mechanisms such as pepper spray, electric shock for self-defense. Some device contains cameras which capture images and videos and voice recorder which record sound which can be used as a proof for legal actions. GPS module is used to track the location and GSM module is used to send the alert message. In this paper we discussed about various women security devices which uses different technologies.

Keywords: Accelerometer, Flex sensor, GPS, GSM, Temperature sensor

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9102

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