ABSTRACT: Rendering clothing objects in such a way that user can customize them as per there need. Rendering 3D objects is even more challenging on 2G/3G network bandwidth as the size of objects is quite large. So, to achieve the objective for same, implementation of 2D images rendering in 3D canvas of ThreeJs.
With the event of science and technology, within the method of drawing sketch has been regenerate from hand-painted to camera work, the speed of constructing sketches and 3D model has been greatly improved. However, it's still the thanks to image sketch of digital graphic presentation, though the assembly method has been greatly reduced, however in between the homeowners and styler's within the design method of communication and mutual agreement stage continues to be a haul, therefore the homeowners and styler's within the design of the communication method, a way to use WebGL sharing and agreement once the method of however the WebGL will effectively shorten the planning process, can become a crucial analysis topic. This study can use WebGL based mostly 3.js because the core technology of the system construction, interior style is straightforward and straightforward interactive surroundings, through an online based mostly virtual house simulation system, the designers and owners’ exploitation an equivalent WebGL with an equivalent interface then looking for the appliance of this method in cooperation with one another designers and owners of feedback. The benefits and drawbacks of the system and therefore the existing modelling software system are mentioned.

KEYWORDS: WebGL, 3D/2D Rendering Objects, ThreeJs, Blender

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11493

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