Abstract- In cloud secure personal data sharing is the important issues because it creates several securities and data confidentiality problem while accessing the cloud services. Many challenges present in personal data sharing such as data privacy protection, flexible data sharing, efficient authority delegation, computation efficiency optimization, are remaining toward achieving practical fine-grained access control in the Personal Information Sharing system. Personal records must be encrypted to protect privacy before outsourcing to the cloud. Aiming at solving the above challenges, here propose an efficient data sharing mechanism for Personal Data Sharing, which not only achieves data privacy, fine-grained access control and authority delegation simultaneously. Proposed system is used to secure patients' MHR (Medical Health Record) in the healthcare cloud using the duplicate generation technique with a two server based computing facility. Duplicate server serves as a second gallery to contain duplicate MHR that appear to the attacker as if it is the original MHR. When user uploading a file on original server, corresponding duplicate file will be stored on another server. In this method, the decoy files are called when an attacker is detected as accessing the system, in our proposed methodology the duplicate files are retrieved from the beginning to ensure better security. In proposed approach RSA algorithm is implement to encrypt the medical records.

Index Terms – Data sharing mechanism, attribute based encryption, secure outsourced computation, cloud computing, Electronic Medical Record.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10513

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