Abstract: Poultry is a supplementary service to agriculture. It helps the farmer in balancing their financial status during the time of non harvest. The proposed poultry management system aims in monitoring and controlling the environmental conditions like temperature & Moisture and parametric considerations like food & water quantity assessment in the poultry farm. They are the most important constraints responsible for the improvement in productivity output. Feed proportion maintenance, environmental parameter maintenance and providing healthy, risk free & low cost Equipments are the key aspects considered in design and development of our poultry management system. The inputs are sensors like HX711 Load cell amplifier module, LM35, FC28 and HC-SR04 for measuring weight, temperature, moisture and water level respectively. The processing is done with the help of Arduino Uno board. The output is displayed with the help of 16x2 LCD Display and the user is intimated with LED and Buzzers. This provides smart assistance for farmers to get alerted. Comparing to the conventional poultry farm, the proposed system has a better monitoring, profit, production and also reduces human intervention. It is cost effective and less complex system. The evaluation of efficiency and deviation in performance of sensors are studied and tabulated.

Keywords: Arduino Uno Board, Efficiency, Deviation, Poultry Management System (PMS), Sensors and Smart Systems.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9637

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