Abstract: All of the life that is on the earth can survive because of the sun. Every day, the energy given from the sun’s rays sustains life. It provides us with heat, light, health benefits and various other applications, like the widely used and known solar energy. Without the sun, the earth would be just a ball of rock without any life forms. The importance of solar energy in our daily life is more significant than any other thing in your life — besides water and food. Solar energy has been growing as a renewable and alternative energy source. That’s why it’s necessary to understand the importance of the sun’s power because, if you don’t already, you could very well be reliant on the sun for your daily energy needs. So keeping that though in mind and to attribute to the Mission-ATMA Nirbhar bharat we have presented SOLAR SUNFLOWER system which is working of solar tracker and to design the same. Solar panel has been used increasingly in recent years to convert solar energy to electrical energy. The panels can be utilized either as a large solar system that is connected to the electricity grids or as a stand-alone system.We are trying to munch additional energy from the sun via solar panel. In order to maximize the conversion from solar to electrical energy, the solar panels need to be placed at right angle to the sun. Thus the tracing of the sun’s position and positioning of the solar panels is a significant task. The goal of this project is to make an automatic tracing system, which can trace location of the sun. The tracing device will move the solar panel so that it is positioned perpendicular to the sun for maximum energy conversion at all time. LDR's are used as sensors in this system. The system will consist of light sensing system, microcontroller, gear motor system, and a solar panel. Our system will output up to 30% more energy than solar panels without tracking systems.

Keywords: Solar pannel , LDR, Microcontroller, battery,Gear Box

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10481

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